What People Are Saying

I used Softasa and Clear and Clean on his psoriasis sores. …days later skin was pink and looked healthy.

KK - Kelowna, BC

Softasa…diaper rash was gone so fast. Her skin is clear and so smooth

MH - Vernon, BC

Your Pest Off!! Bug juice is working great here. Skin feels good.

KL - Grande Prairie, AB

I use Softasa every morning….face looks fresh and feels great all day.

HB - Vernon, BC

I love fresh face. I have suffered dry flaking skin on my face for years. I used expensive and cheap skin care and nothing helps as much as your cream. I use it at night to take my makeup off and then apply cream before bed. I can also apply before make up if I have 10 min to let it soak in and it is not greasy.   Over the last few years I have been starting to be more mindful of what I put on my skin. That is what interested me in you products. You have me great samples to try.  …I like…Lip Bliss is great 👍. Hand sanitizer didn’t burn my hands it is lovely.    Gold star!

CM – Armstrong, BC

Softasa cleared up….rash on her skin. I’m letting other moms try it too.

KB – Edmonton, AB

Tightens skin around my mouth and eyes. ….feels great all day. (Fresh Face)

EB – Vernon, BC

We love it…….put it on in the morning…not oily and great herbal scent.

AK – Coldstream, BC

love Barista Blend. ..used it on a kettle burn…almost gone in two days.

JA – Otter Point, BC

Not oily, soaked in and skin felt smooth right away. Great scent.

PT – Vernon, BC

Hand sanitizer with lotion is selling great. People love the scent too.

BT – Vernon, BC

NO MOSQUITO BITES!!! Pest Off even smells lovely!

HB – Vernon, BC

New and fabulous!…fantastic if you suffer from dry hands. …(Barista Blend)

PSG – Vernon, BC

Sleepy Time….helped my daughter get a better sleep.

LS – Vernon, BC

Hand Sanitizer Lotion is wonderful, Fresh Face on my face starts my day and the Sleepy Time magnesium cream…..every night for a solid sleep.

HB – Vernon, BC

Fresh Face….light, creamy…..great natural smell!

BS – Cobble Hill, BC