100% natural ingredients?

Why we can say that:

  • We research suppliers and their products to find the best in Canada.
  • We choose ingredients from nature or food-grade sources.
  • Quality is closely monitored to ensure customer health and safety.

Here’s how we do it:

  • We combine our own lotion and cream bases from proven, nature-based recipes.
  • We use distilled and ozonated water for its anti-microbial and sterile qualities. (ozone is a natural anti-microbial gas)
  • We use oils and ingredients from reputable suppliers with certified credentials. (no GMO oils)
  • We use only organic or therapeutic grade essential and carrier oils. (no GMO oils)
  • We use food grade emulsifiers, thickeners and preservatives. (safe for our bodies)
  • We heat raw materials and manually combine ingredients instead of adding petro-chemicals to blend, thicken or make our products smooth.
  • We use proven recipes and don’t test them on animals. (natural and proven is safe)
  • We use recipes and oil combinations based on scientific and/or medical research. (google scholar)
  • We research the benefits or disadvantages of combining ingredients and healing oils.

We can say it’s natural because:

  • Our thickeners are derivatives of kelp and safe for the food industry. (not petro-chemical or synthetic)
  • Our oils and additives are sourced from reliable suppliers. (not the cheapest)
  • Our oil emulsifiers are food grade. (not toxic chemicals)
  • Our preservatives are derived from citrus fruits. (not synthetic)
  • Our cleansers and soaps are organic. (no Triclosan)
  • Our ocean minerals and salts are carbon and reverse osmosis filtered then heat sterilized. (no heavy metals)
  • Our procedures ensure a stable shelf life. (no chemical stabilizers)
  • Our lotions and serums need to be shaken before each use. (no blending chemicals are used)

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